My passion for the beauty of my surroundings is in great deal thanks to experiencing beautiful scenery. Being born in the Eastern Cape and growing up in Natal they were never in short supply. 

Now a resident of Pretoria I love to spend my time discovering the opportunities to preserve moments of enthralling beauty for everyone through photography. 

I’ve always been a storyteller first, long before I discovered my passion for photography. The day came when I took the first photograph and discovered another medium to express myself, a new way of storytelling. I completed my photography courses and well, here we are!

So when people ask me what kind of photographer I am (I get this quite often) I usually answer with, “well, I shoot a bit of everything’’, which is true, as you will discover in my pages

I believe:

  • When playing truth or dare, always choose dare.
  • Trust your gut because it’s always right.
  • The universe is always listening so be careful what you tell it.
  • Wearing make-up isn’t necessary to make a woman beautiful, however, it’s a ton of fun.
  • Always buy good shoes, it’s a necessity if you plan to land on your feet.
  • You can own your world if you live fearlessly think audaciously and act spontaneously.

Why choose me for your special occasion if there are already so many options out there? Well, firstly because if you taking the time to read this then you have already been touched by my work. If you are looking for a lifetime of memories of the moments that are captured while laughing from the pit of your stomach, creativity and having fun, then look no further.

Photography is a personal thing and every photographer is different. Mine is relaxed and fun and leaves you wanting more! You aware of that saying, “time fly’s when you’re having fun”, well that’s just it. 

So if you have a long list of “must have shots” for me to tick off then I’m probably not the photographer for you. How come? It’s simple really because while I’m manning a list I’m missing all the REAL stuff. To me, the real experiences are what is taking place in front of me.

It has always been important for me to have my own style and stay true to it over the years. I am most fulfilled when I look at a photo that I took years ago and it fills me with nostalgia and makes it feel like it was only yesterday.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right photographer to capture your moments and whose style fits your vision. If you have a gut feeling this could be me, feel free to contact me!